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The Battle of Waterloo – 17th June Old Cemetery

On Saturday afternoon, in the cemetery, there was, in the presence of Southampton’s Lord Mayor, Cllr. Valerie Laurent, a commemoration for the 208th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, fought on 18 June 1815. This was organised by Dr. Zack White of the Napoleonic & Revolutionary War Graves Charity ( that aims to restore the graves of veterans of those conflicts and which is already working in Southampton’s Old Cemetery. FoSOC was very kindly invited to participate and those attending gathered before, and after, at the former non-Conformist chapel where Secretary Val Ferguson had organised a display and refreshments were available, by courtesy of FoSOC, after the ceremony. We began, with an introduction by Zack, at the grave of John Russell, that had recently been restored and cleaned by NRWGC. John, as a member of the Scots Guards, had been … Continue reading

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You Swallowed What? Sunday 11th June 2023

Today saw my first walk of 2023 and after the morning rain it was a sunny afternoon. The walk started with twenty people and took a circular route from the non-Conformist chapel, going up and one of the more “rural” paths in the cemetery. The group heard the stories of eighteen unfortunate people who died by swallowing something that killed them. James Moynihan (01/09/1891) was a rag and bone man who found some horseradish growing on some waste ground and decided to put it in his sandwich for lunch. He became desperately ill and died later. At the postmortem Aconite was found mixed up with his stomach contents. Aconite is highly poisonous and is often mistaken for the horseradish plant. Samuel Hooper (26/03/1876) was a 11-year-old boy who lived with his aunt, brother. His mother had recently died, and his … Continue reading

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Thursday 8th June Kraken Explorers

A team of about 20 members (includinmg supervisors) called Kraken Explorers who are an Explorer Scout group based in Highfield, come to the Old Cemetery, as part of voluntary work in the local community. They arrived at 6pm to help with the removal of grass cuttings, into bags and then taken to the compost areas, also to cut up branches from falled trees and again put into bags for chipping later on by the FoSOC volunteers, They all work extremly hard and were very polite. They all finished at the Non-Conformist chapel for reshement of cold juices and biscuits. Then finally all gathered outside the Chapel for a group photo. Many thanks for all you help, Kraken Explorers, hope to see you again helping in the Old Cemetery, you will be very welcomed. Photos taken by Bruce Larner and Val … Continue reading

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Thursday 8th June John V’s CrabApple Tree

At 10.15 on Thursday 8th June FoSOC were pleased to see Simon Buston from Central Parks  SCC and one of his team members bringing with them the CrabApple tree to be planted in the memory of John Vetterlein who sadly passed away early on the 6th of February 2023. You can see from the photos how big the tree was and the effort from both Central Parks SCC and FoSOC to plant it and the care taken to make sure it would grow and blossom for future years to come. Many thanks to Simon and his team from Central Parks SCC for the tree and their help. Hopefully within the next weeks or so there will be a small ceremony for the installing of a plaque…… this space! Photos taken by Bruce Larner

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Tuesday 6th June, Eyes On Hands On 

Tuesday 6th June, Eyes On Hands On  FoSOC were delighted to host a small get together with a team from Eyes On, Hands On (CWG) with coordinators Helen Roberts and Will Reid (South West2 and South East2). A buffet of sandwiches and drinks was laid on in the Non-Conformist Chapel supplied by the CWG team, for both FoSOC and the CWG team. After introductions were made and all were fed, Val Ferguson and Lizzie O’Sullivan gave a short walk within the Old Cemetery for the CWG team, who were astonished at the size, history, wildflowers and the  amazing headstones. Back for another cuppa and a piece of cake, then all gathered outside for group photos. Thank you Helen and your team for a delightful afternoon in the Old Cemetery.

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