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Candid shots of Remembrance Sunday Ceremony

FoSOC have just received some more photos taken at the Remembrance Sunday Ceremony held on the 14th   of November 2021. Taken more informally  or unplanned but  FoSOC still wanted them to be seen on the website. Hope you agree?

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Remembrance Sunday Ceremony – 14th November 2021

On the afternoon of 14 November 2021, for the first time since 2019, FoSOC was able to welcome people back to its Commemoration for Remembrance Sunday. Many attended and it was good to see you all. We were honoured by the presence of the Right Worshipful, the Mayor of Southampton, Cllr Alex Houghton with city councillors Cathie McEwing (Mayor, 2016) and Spiros Vassiliou, (Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture and Heritage). Distinguished guests represented the Royal British Legion and Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Wreaths were laid, two by the Mayor, for the People and City of Southampton – one each at the Cross of Sacrifice and at the FoSOC memorial to the Great War – for the Royal British Legion, the People of Belgium, CWGC, FoSOC, the Royal Welsh Regiment and the Intelligence Corps. The Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of … Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday Ceremony

Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery (FoSOC) are pleased to be able to host this year’s Remembrance Sunday Ceremony on the 14th November 2021 at 2.15 pm. Commencing at the Cross of Sacrifice in the Old Cemetery. Please observe Covid-19 social distancing

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Wooden Crosses and Candles

Yesterday morning (6th November) three members of FoSOC took on the task of placing ‘Wooden Crosses ‘on both  the Commonwealth War Graves (CWG – 127) and a few memorials to those know to have fought and died overseas but are remembered on family graves. This is in readiness of both Remembrance Day 11th November and Remembrance Sunday 14th November. Many ‘Candles’ are starting to appear on the Cross of Sacrifice in the Old Cemetery, this is due to, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, this is marked annually in countries such as France, Belgium, Poland, and Germany to celebrate the saints on November 1. It is also known as the Day of the Dead, as many people remember dead family and friends on this day.

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Fallen Branch

Over the weekend (31st Oct- 1st Nov) during the heavy rain and wind that hit the U.K., a large branch came down in the Old Cemetery. Luckily, except for one unfortunate grave/headstone which is now broken , the branch did manage to miss both,  John Peake (1st burial) and Edward Bist (the Train). This tree does seem to be unlucky,  a few years ago it was hit by lightning, causing another branch to fall, again when this happened the cemetery lost a couple of headstones. Kevin from Bereavement (SCC)  came on Tuesday and managed to saw through a lot of the smaller outer branches, for FoSOC then to be able to clear the branches away from pathway to enable clear the use for the public. The smaller branches will be chipped at a later date. Tree surgeons will need to … Continue reading

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Roses on Southampton Gate – restored

FoSOC noticed some- time ago that on one side of the Main gate to the Old Cemetery two Red Roses were not what they seem? They did not look the same as the rest of the Red or White Roses on the gates. Was this just wear or erosion over time? Then unfortunately, they were damaged (see photo), it clearly shows that two Roses were in fact made out of Plaster of Paris…how and when did this happen? At the same time a letter ‘L’ was missing. Another of the cemetery’s mysteries? However, to get this restored back to their original cast iron, FoSOC had to get permission, as this is a Grade II* listing and they are subject to regulations which protect their historical and architectural significance. Jo Bailey, Monuments and Memorials Officer in Southampton, gave permission to restore … Continue reading

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Crocus Planting – Clausentum Rotary

Tuesday morning (2nd Nov) Clausentum Rotary Club with a lot of help from FoSOC, who had already prepared the ground i.e, mowed the area and dug the holes for the corms. Clausentum was then able to plant the 1,000 Crocus corms in the Old Cemetery, these are just behind the Notice Board, as you enter via the Main gate. These Crocuses are the colour purple to signify the colour dye used on the little finger of achild who has received their life saving polio drops on mass polio immunisation days in many countries, to show they have received their life saving vaccine. This area should look a colourful patch in the early spring.

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Fly Agaric fungus is very toxic, so please do not pick and eat!! It is said that ‘fly agaric’ are the homes of the fairies or magical creatures that like to live in woodland areas. The most iconic toadstool species, the fly agaric is a large white-gilled, white-spotted, usually red mushroom, and is one of the most recognisable and widely encountered fungus. Beautiful to look at but please do not touch.

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