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FoSOC AGM – 22nd October 2021

On the evening of the 22nd of October FoSOC held their first AGM since 2019. Held much later than usual, and it was possibly due to the dark evening a lot less members attended than 2019. Members including FoSOC president: Professor James S Curl and many members did send their apologies. The meeting started at 7.10 pm and conducted by the Chair William Ferguson and was finished by 7.40pm, believe the Chair was trying for the Guinness World Record for the shortest meeting! The following members were voted onto the FoSOC Committee. Chair: William Ferguson – stayed the same (7th year) Treasurer: Ben Cowdrey – stayed the same (6th year) Secretary: Val Ferguson  – stayed the same (9th year) Membership Secretary: Lizzie O’Sullivan – new post, previously: General Committee Member before. (3rd year) Vice Chair; Peter Shawyer General Committee Member: … Continue reading

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Wildflower seeds ……. donated from Southampton Rotary club

Today 19th October 2021, Southampton Rotary Club have planted ‘Wildflowers seeds’ in a patch it the area known as the ‘Blitz’. This area has been double checked and there are no headstones where the seeds have now been placed. Hopefully in the spring this patch will have produce wildflowers…watch this space or should that be patch! Photo show Guy Boocock from the Southampton Rotary handing over the seeds to the Chairman of FoSOC Billy Ferguson. On behalf of the Friends group (FoSOC) many thanks to the Southampton Rotary club.

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Blitz area re-visited

Lots more work via Tim and Nick . FoSOC was lucky enough to be given the photos of the Blitz area from a drone. Aerial photos taken and were given permission to FoSOC to use are from Simon Heron from the Design Chapel or as they are now known, 3 Men Squared

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A Walk for Southampton U3A History Group

On a day where the temperature was about right, Geoff and Val had the pleasure of taking a walk for a group arranged by Colleen. Colleen who Geoff had come into contact, by chance, regarding the grave of Swiss-born Joseph Koepfli, one of the founders of the town of Highland, Madison County, Illinois, USA. Joseph found his last rest here, far from home, as he died on a ship at sea and Southampton was the next port of call. The walk was one of FoSOC’s introductory Heritage Walks in the cemetery, the aim being to show the wide range of history we have there and the number of important local figures who are buried at Southampton. This is possible because of the extensive research carried out by FoSOC’s volunteer members over a good number of years and the excellent records … Continue reading

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Murder, Mystery & Mayhem during the Blitz and WW2

An extra walk was added on Sunday 3rd October due to popular demand from the previous Sunday 26th September 2021. Seventeen members of both FoSOC and the Public come on this walk, even though half an hour earlier it was pouring down with rain. When most of the group arrived ,the sun came out and the walk was able to proceed. To see all the graves/plots the guide Lizzie O’Sullivan spoke about these are on the website for the walk taken on the 26th of September. Unfortunately, halfway through the walk the rain did catch up with the group, FoSOC guide Lizzie did ask if they wish to finish here or continue, and the group unanimously agreed to carry on and brave the rain………which fortunately did not last too long. And the walk progressed on, in the sunshine. Again, the … Continue reading

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