Remembering our Queen

This morning at 10.30 am a group of FoSOC members gathers by the Cross of Sacrifice to lay a wreath in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth 11. There was a minutes silence before the wreath was laid. All there were sadden by the death of our beloved Queen. Photos by Bruce Larner

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Murder, Mystery & Mayhem…Final

Yesterday, the  4th of September, FoSOC guide Lizzie O’Sullivan took a group of nineteen people on the final tour of themed walks and the final one for FoSOC for this year. Next walk will be Titanic in April 2023. We heard the stories of Southampton people who died directly and indirectly as a result of the bombs dropped on Southampton during WW2. Here are just a few. Earnest and Eliza Lanham and their daughter Freda and cousin Charlotte, who was staying the night with the Lanhams in their house in Alexandra Road, took a fateful decision not to go to the shelter when the air raid sounded that night but stayed in bed. A bomb crashed through the roof of their house killing Ernest and Eliza in their bed and Charlotte in the rubble. Miraculously, Freda who was in the back … Continue reading

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Arthur’s Seat

On a warm sunny Friday morning (26th August), Val and Billy Ferguson, Julia Wetherall, Bruce Larner and Sheelgah Horton, all on behalf of FoSOC attended the dedication of Arthur’s bench to Arthur Jeffery who died in 2021. A much-loved campaigner to the green spaces and heritage. A long-time member/Chairman of the City of Southampton Society (CoSS) and a member and tasker for FoSOC. A beautiful green has bench installed in Lovers Walk which is a footpath across the common, linking the Avenue to Burgess Road. This was attended by family, friends and colleagues from both groups who recalled many stories of Arthur’s life. If you are ever walking through Lovers Walk, please, pause, sit on Arthur’s bench and take in surrounding, the lovely green space Arthur so loved.

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FoSOC – look at what has been accomplished so far!!

Just a few photos to show how much has been achieved by FoSOC in the Old Cemetery this year! All the areas that can be seen by these photos have been strimmed only by FoSOC. However, it also shows how HOT it has been by the grass now yellow and turning into straw. Of course, there are still areas that have not be strimmed since last year, however, FoSOC can only do so much!! FoSOC do their very best to maintain some of the twenty-seven acres, which is near on impossible for the group and at times it is a losing battle with ivy/bramble/nettle and even grass!! But the photos do show FoSOC has been very busy!!

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Geocachers- helping in the Old Cemetery

Today (18th August)  FoSOC welcomed (once again) to the Old Cemetery the Geocachers. This group has been many times into the Old Cemetery helping out , which they love doing. Once again, the group of nineteen persons tackled the ivy on Grade 11* wall, this time to the right when approaching the Hill Lane gate. They removed the ivy from both sides , out in Hill Lane and in the Old Cemetery. The different can be seen in the last photo of the cleared wall. They also cut down some saplings growing near to the wall. A lot was achieved as can be seen from the photos. Hope to see the Geocachers again……soon! Till then many thanks Geocachers for your help, very much appreciated by FoSOC.

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“It was just an ordinary day and then…….!” (Part 2)

Sunday (24th July), walk was with guide Lizzie O’Sullivan and twenty-five members of the public. And told the stories of the poor unlucky people who met with unfortunate accidents who were just going about their ordinary day, doing normal things. Here are just a few of the graves Lizzie visited to tell their stories. We heard about the 1-year-old boy who was shown fire by his 3-year-old sister who then dropped the lighted stick onto him severely burning him and he died the next day. Although questioned by the coroner, he said she was too young to understand the seriousness of what she had done. The 5-year-old boy who went and met his uncle by tram to give him his tea and then when coming home he ran out in front of the tram into the path of an oncoming … Continue reading

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FoSOC AGM at the Shirley Baptist Church

FoSOC Annual General meeting (AGM) was held on 22nd July 2022 at the Shirley Baptist Church 7-9 pm Billy Ferguson (Chair) started the proceeding at 7.10 pm and welcomed all who attended.  Twenty- two members attended, which included six Committee members, the lowest attendance so far. Written reports were from The Chair/Secretary/Membership Secretary/Project & Publicity, and all were read, approved, and seconded. With regarding to the healthy bank accounts, the Treasurer (Tim Burden) noted that possibly for the year 2022 to 2023 this will decrease due to buying more machinery (beneficial to FoSOC) which uses petrol & of course the vast increase in the cost of petrol. Subscriptions for unwaged is to remain the same (£6.00) but it was stated that the price of stamps (68p 2nd class) etc., for sending out the FoSOC newsletter is actually costing FoSOC, so … Continue reading

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Non-Conformist Chapel and Mausoleum Doors restoration.

The doors to both the Non-Conformist Chapel and the Mausoleum have in the past looked extremely dry and very tired but in the last month or so they have been cleaned up and re-waxed and are looking amazing and I/Val for one wish to show off these stunning doors!! Also, to those who challenging work made this happen.(See photos attached) This is all due to the amazing work by both Bryn and Linda Jones who after I/Val was able to get permission from *Historic Environment Department, Planning and Economic Development,Southampton City Council. A Mr. John Willetts (BSc(Hons) MA), actually came out and saw the doors and recommended, a clean and waxing which will protect them for years to come. Photos have been sent to him of the doors, and he emailed back;- Thanks for the images, your hard work in … Continue reading

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Royal Occasions 12 June 2022

Our thanks to the lovely group of 22 people who came on this walk that involved three of our cemetery Guides, Geoff, Val and Lizzie. The aim of ‘Royal Occasions’ was to link events, that happened in Southampton and involved royalty, and people honoured by our monarchs, to burials in the Old Cemetery. Fifteen graves were visited and the stories ranged from a visit by Princess Victoria, and her mother the Duchess of Kent, in 1830 right through to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The majority of the stories had not previously been told in the cemetery and it is likely that a number of them were being told for the first time in Southampton as they were hidden away in the records. Geoff had spent a good deal of time in Southampton’s Archives Department reading through long forgotten, … Continue reading

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Are you being Served? Sunday 15 May 2022

Eleven members of the public, plus a youngster in a pushchair and a dog, along with FoSOC members Julia and Jean, joined Geoff Watts on a cemetery walk to explore some of Southampton’s business history. Unfortunately, there was drizzly rain but the hardy group put up with that and heard a range of stories. Geoff explained that there was a great contrast between Spa Southampton, of the early 1800s, and the way the town developed from the 1840s with the arrival of the railway, then the commercial docks that opened in 1842 and were extended in 1851. He explained how businesses adapted, and profited, from those new business opportunities. A good number of the businesses, with 19th century origins, survived well into the 20th century some still being on our High Street and suburbs until the middle of the century … Continue reading

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