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Blitz Area

At the southern end of the main carriageway, on the western side, is an area that has always been a puzzle for FoSOC. There were very few grave markers visible, only a few around the edges,  yet it was known that many burials had taken place there over the years. It was thought that, perhaps, the absence of markers was due to enemy action during the Second World War……hence the name the ‘Blitz area’. The cemetery was hit seven times during WW2. Tim and Nick both, FoSOC’s dedicated volunteers has recently given attention to this area with strimmer, and the removal of the overgrowth and surprising, wonderful, results have emerged. Tim and Nick were very careful and did not cause any damage to any grave markers.  As our photos show, there are many headstones there, but they have mostly been … Continue reading

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Murder, Mystery and Mayhem during the Blitz and WW2

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem during the Blitz and WW2….Part 1. tells the story of Southampton citizens who lost their lives during the Blitz and the later war years. By FoSOC guide Lizzie O’Sullivan Keeping others safe. Robert Lavington was a volunteer firewatcher so what did he see during the air raid on the 15/3/1941. Sheltered from the air raid under a bridge. Harry Harley worked at the Super-marine factory so why was he under the bridge during the air raid on the 26/9/1940. It’s not always the bomb that get you. Eliza Martha Lush was going down the steps into the air raid shelter and then disaster happened. Helping others.   William Oldbury was an Auxiliary Fire Service volunteer so what happened during the air raid on 30th November 1940. First policeman. PC Frederick Tupper was on duty in at … Continue reading

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Task Day

Saturday 4th September – Task Day. FoSOC were delighted to welcome back to the Old Cemetery the Geocachers. The last time there were helping out in the Old Cemetery was two weeks before ‘Lockdown’ in March 2020, when they helped tidy up the area by and around Sqn Leader Moon’s grave. This was in preparation for the  ‘Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Moon’s death’, – April 1920-2020, an event FoSOC was to host, unfortunately this did not happen. However, this time they helped remove some ivy growing on the walls either side of Hill Lane gate, the removal of built-up grass and dirt on headstones especially the landing areas, (the landing is the area which the headstones are placed on and can stick out) the latter should now help when strimming, to be seen and to avoid. FoSOC ‘Taskers’ … Continue reading

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