Grave Finding & Research

Grave Finding & Research

For those who wish to find a grave themselves, here is the situation.

Within the Old Cemetery there are no markings or signs except if there has been a request and Bereavement Services has been able to arrange for a small plastic marker to be placed on or nearby the grave. This marker is only temporary. It can be quite difficult and sometimes rather daunting due to the layout of the cemetery and the overgrown nature of some areas to locate a grave. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help either via Bereavements Services or the Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery (FoSOC).

The Hampshire Genealogical
Society Monumental Inscriptions

The Hampshire Genealogical Society prepared a survey of monumental inscriptions in the 1970’s. The volunteers there have gathered, a large collection of family history records in Hampshire.

A grave of William Betts in a Southampton cemetery.

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Membership is open to anyone interested in the Cemetery and who support our aim to balance conservation with the need to protect its heritage and social history.