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’It just started out as an ordinary day ‘…. Part 1.

It did not start out looking too well, for the very first walk, at 2.05 pm on Sunday 27th June in the Old Cemetery, it was pouring down with rain, umbrellas were everywhere. This ‘themed ‘walk for FoSOC since 2019, was heading towards either, going to be cancelled or at least postponed. Nevertheless, the group stayed and within 15 minutes the rain had stopped and thankfully, did not start again until after 4.00 pm, when many of us were home and in the dry! Seventeen members of the public plus four FoSOC members, including Lizzie, stayed. They were all thoroughly captivated by the stories that unfolded during the walk.  Here are just two of the twelve, as told by Lizzie.  All these stories can be found in, old local newspapers regarding when the incidents happened. Elsie King 19 years Sept … Continue reading

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Remembering two Heroes of Waterloo

To mark the 206th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo – 18 June 1815 – FoSOC held a commemoration at the Old Cemetery at the graves of two veterans of that epic day. The Chairman and Secretary of FoSOC welcomed our guests and some FoSOC members, then led the way to the grave of Lt. Colonel William Hewett. There Geoff Watts was introduced and he gave a brief account of William Hewett’s Waterloo story. William who was, in June 1815, (Junior) Captain Hewett of the 14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot, had been part of the right-front of the Anglo-Allied army, to the rear of the strategic position of Hougoumont Château. He was not yet 20 years old at the time of the battle. He survived, unwounded, and would, afterwards, have been able to see the results of the fierce fighting … Continue reading

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