Thursday 8th June Kraken Explorers

A team of about 20 members (includinmg supervisors) called Kraken Explorers who are an Explorer Scout group based in Highfield, come to the Old Cemetery, as part of voluntary work in the local community. They arrived at 6pm to help with the removal of grass cuttings, into bags and then taken to the compost areas, also to cut up branches from falled trees and again put into bags for chipping later on by the FoSOC volunteers,

They all work extremly hard and were very polite. They all finished at the Non-Conformist chapel for reshement of cold juices and biscuits. Then finally all gathered outside the Chapel for a group photo.

Many thanks for all you help, Kraken Explorers, hope to see you again helping in the Old Cemetery, you will be very welcomed.

Photos taken by Bruce Larner and Val Ferguson