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Signs & Symbols Walk

Yesterday (18th July 2021) on what is so far, the HOTTEST day of the year, guide Val Ferguson took 24 members of the Public plus 3 FoSOC helpers ( all within the UK Guidelines) on a Sign & Symbols walk in the Old Cemetery. After greeting everyone, the group set off for the first headstone in the family name of Heath, along the Yew Tree pathway. At first this headstone looks very ordinary but not so. Headstones or from the Greek word ‘Stele’ as they are known and the writing are called, Inscriptions, epitaphs, or ledgers, mostly shown on the front, (there are exceptions).  Edwin Lewis Heath, signed up at the start of WW1 along with his brother James. James was killed in action in France (1918) so this now becomes an  memorial to him.  Edwin was discharged at the … Continue reading

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Memorial to those buried without a marker

Recently a beautifully hand carved surf grey Indian granite memorial rock was erected in the Old Cemetery dedicated to the many souls who are buried there with no grave markers. The benefactor (a member of FoSOC) wishes to remain anonymous and this afternoon (15th July 2021) Monsignor Canon Vincent Harvey kindly attended the Cemetery to say a prayer and sprinkled Holy water to bless the memorial

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