Summer Tree Identification

Sunday 21st July 2:00 pm

The old cemetery was originally set up as an arboretum and there are many interesting trees there. In July exotics such as silver-pendant lime, Indian bean tree and the low, shrubby bottlebrush buckeye should be in bloom. Many other deciduous trees will be identified including native and non-native species and some will be in fruit.  We might look at some of the more interesting conifers too.  We should see an array of flowers and conspicuous insects too and it is peak time for the grassland butterflies with a large woodland butterfly, the silver-washed fritillary too. Since it is mid-summer be prepared for hot weather but fortunately there is plenty of shade in the cemetery.

Guide; Phil Budd

Meeting Place: Main cemetery entrance off Cemetery Road

Grid Ref: SU412136

Postcode: SO15 7AF

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