The New Cremation Chamber

The Old Cemetery is still a working Cemetery and four or five interments take place every year. Many times FoSOC are asked by visitors if their loved ones could be interred or their cremated remains laid to rest In the Old Cemetery but unfortunately the answer is invariably ‘no’ unless they already own a family plot. However, an area has now been identified by ‘Bereavement Services’ where there have been no previous burials and just recently a new ‘Chamber’ for the interment of cremated remains has been created. The ‘Chamber’, built by Dave Smith has fourteen individual compartments which can each accommodate four caskets and an inscribed commemorative plaque could then be placed on top. Our Cemetery Manager, Dave Rees has overseen the entire project and plans are now afoot to create one or possibly two more ‘Chambers’ in this easily accessible peaceful corner of Southampton Old Cemetery.