Task Day

Saturday 4th September – Task Day. FoSOC were delighted to welcome back to the Old Cemetery the Geocachers. The last time there were helping out in the Old Cemetery was two weeks before ‘Lockdown’ in March 2020, when they helped tidy up the area by and around Sqn Leader Moon’s grave. This was in preparation for the  ‘Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Moon’s death’, – April 1920-2020, an event FoSOC was to host, unfortunately this did not happen.

However, this time they helped remove some ivy growing on the walls either side of Hill Lane gate, the removal of built-up grass and dirt on headstones especially the landing areas, (the landing is the area which the headstones are placed on and can stick out) the latter should now help when strimming, to be seen and to avoid.

FoSOC ‘Taskers’ were also working, in the Jewish section and just outside, some more pathways have been cleared and a few more CWGs have been strimmed, plus making sure the FoSOC members and the Geocachers were happy! More photos on the FoSOC website.

Refreshment break was split to avoid overcrowding and within UK guideline plus the comfort of all who came to help. This meant that the usual 10 to 12 (noon) when on a bit longer, most of the members staying on pass this time……but all enjoyed their day, in the Old Cemetery out in the warm sunshine. 

Footnote: On Saturday, some of the Geocacher actually travelled a fair distance to take part and help out in the Old Cemetery. They cannot believe how wonderful the place is………we do!