Storm Eunice – Damage and Clearing up

Friday18th February from 10.00am to around 3.00pm Storm Eunice caused damage to at least three trees and many, many fallen branches which in turn did damage to five headstones in the Old Cemetery, the cemetery actually, come off very lightly. With the amount of ‘over’ mature trees that the Old Cemetery has this could of been a lot worse. However, this has caused a lot of work clearing up and making areas safe for the public to walk.

By Saturday a few FoSOC members did manage to check the damage and send photos to Bereavement/SCC and even clear up some branches on the Main Carriageway for the public to walk by.

Monday a few more members plus Kevin from Bereavement did do more (as seen from photos) but Tuesday morning many more FoSOC members come and cleared away a lot more, again as seen from the photos. One large tree has fallen and now blocks the entrance to the Jewish section, this will take sometime to be removed.

Many thanks goes to Kevin (Bereavement/SCC) Nick, Bryn, Linda, Pete, Tony, Huw, Tom, Val and Billy.

Please still be careful walking around the Old Cemetery.

Thanks to Bruce Larner for taken the photos before and after.

Click on smaller photos to see all the photos.