Sholing Valley Spring Fayre

Yesterday 13th may FoSOC had a stall at the Sholing Valley Spring Fayre. 11.00am – 3.30pm

And what a wonderful sunny day it turned out to be, it got quite HOT in the sun!!

First to arrive by 9.45am were myself Val and Billy (Ferguson) to start setting up, then within minutes Lizzie (O’Sullivan) arrived with the rest of the gear. We tried to put the notice boards onto the tables but the wind (which had died down by late morning) would not stay, so, we placed them on the ground, which the children were able to read, seems a lot of youngsters informed us, that next year they will be learning all about the Titanic at school, so we were able to help them.

Billy left for a while, but unfortunately, got caught in the traffic (due to the cruise ships being in port and Saints playing home) this meant he was gone longer than he thought he would be.

As you will see from the aerial photo (taken by Bruce Larner) the event was very busy and well attended. FoSOC stall was opposite a group call Falcon High.

Geoff (Watts) arrived in the afternoon to help. By 3.30pm we had packed up and was soon heading home……traffic was a lot better!!

Many thanks to Sholing Valley for allowing FoSOC to have a stall.

Photos taken by Bruce Larner and Val Ferguson