Roses on Southampton Gate – restored

FoSOC noticed some- time ago that on one side of the Main gate to the Old Cemetery two Red Roses were not what they seem? They did not look the same as the rest of the Red or White Roses on the gates. Was this just wear or erosion over time?

Then unfortunately, they were damaged (see photo), it clearly shows that two Roses were in fact made out of Plaster of Paris…how and when did this happen? At the same time a letter ‘L’ was missing. Another of the cemetery’s mysteries?

However, to get this restored back to their original cast iron, FoSOC had to get permission, as this is a Grade II* listing and they are subject to regulations which protect their historical and architectural significance. Jo Bailey, Monuments and Memorials Officer in Southampton, gave permission to restore the Roses back to their original cast iron and replace the missing letter’ L’. Jo also recommended a specialist in restoration, Mr. Ian Clark. Who as you can see did a great job.

Photos are from the damaged Red Roses to the restoration.