Non-Conformist Chapel and Mausoleum Doors restoration.

The doors to both the Non-Conformist Chapel and the Mausoleum have in the past looked extremely dry and very tired but in the last month or so they have been cleaned up and re-waxed and are looking amazing and I/Val for one wish to show off these stunning doors!! Also, to those who challenging work made this happen.(See photos attached)

This is all due to the amazing work by both Bryn and Linda Jones who after I/Val was able to get permission from *Historic Environment Department, Planning and Economic Development,Southampton City Council. A Mr. John Willetts (BSc(Hons) MA), actually came out and saw the doors and recommended, a clean and waxing which will protect them for years to come. Photos have been sent to him of the doors, and he emailed back;-

Thanks for the images, your hard work in restoring these elements is much appreciated and I`ve updated our photo files accordingly.

Keep up the good work!

What an achievement this has been, and our congratulates and thanks goes to both Bryn and Linda for making this happen.

There just so happens to also have been a family of blue tits nesting in the smallest of gaps by the Non- Conformist Chapel doors and Bruce (Larner) managed to capture the parents in and out feeding their babies. (See attached photos taken by Bruce Larner). The fledglings and parents have now all flown away.

Val Ferguson – Secretary FoSOC

  • If you are wondering why I/Val had to get permission from Historic Environment Department, all the buildings/walls/Faith Hope & Charity and the Mausoleum in the Old Cemetery are all Grade 11* Listed. Permission is needed for any repairs or restoration work.

Photos by Bruce Larner & Val Ferguson