Heritage Event

Titanic Walks, Sunday – 2nd walk

Sunday 10th April 2:30 pm

FoSOC are delighted to announce the return of the Titanic walks for Sunday. Please be aware these walks are longer than the average walk of 90 minutes, they do cover a larger portion of the Old Cemetery.

Second walk of the day is at 2.30 pm and this walk must be booked to avoid disappointment, there is now a limited number of persons allowed on these walks, either via this website (Book Now) which will be via an email or the FoSOC phone (07538888655) stating this time and how many are attending. Meet by the Main gate end of Cemetery Rd, postcode; SO15 7AF

All these Titanic walks are in the ‘Memory of the late Brian Ticehurst’ a great contributor to FoSOC.