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For those who wish to find a grave themselves, here is the situation.

The burial records for the cemeteries and crematorium in Southampton are held at Burials and Bereavement Services at the Crematorium in Bassett Green Road. Normally a request to look up the details is conducted by post and an administration charge is raised.

Email Burials and Bereavement Services

Telephone: 023 8076 6405

A duplicate set of burial records for the Old Cemetery is held at the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre on The Common. This is about 10 minutes walk from the cemetery. Only if given notice, the staff can supply a photocopy of burial plots and usually a prominent grave or one near a path or tree is highlighted to enable visitors to use that as a marker.

Telephone: 023 8067 1921

None of the plots or groups of graves are marked by any sign or post in the cemetery except that on request the manager of Bereavement Services is able to arrange for a small wooden peg with the plot number to be placed next to the grave. This service depends on the availability of staff and on the peg not being wantonly removed.

For people who are unable to do the work themselves, for a donation to FoSOC, we offer to find the grave for you.

We do ask a donation for this service, but this will probably be far less than the cost of doing it yourself (especially if you live in Australia!). Although there is not always a headstone or memorial to be found, we can at least identify the plot.

Email FoSOC

Telephone FoSOC Mobile 07538 888 655 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm).

Monumental Inscriptions.

The Hampshire Genealogical Society prepared a survey of monumental inscriptions in the 1970's.

Grave Findings