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Staff of the University of Southampton & King Edwards School

Sunday 7th July 2019

Two Fridays in a row FoSOC has had extra help from the staff at the University of Southampton (39 turned up) and King Edwards School (12 pupils plus two Teachers) to give up their time to work in the Old Cemetery.
Several areas in the Cemetery were tackled (photos show areas) plus there were members of FoSOC on hand to keep an eye on them, to help and encourage them in what they were doing.
Prior to actually doing any work they were all show how to remove ivy safely from headstone (no metal against the stones) bag ivy and bramble (not together), no leaning on the headstone but most important to look after each other and enjoy being in the Old Cemetery.
Welcome refreshment was provided by FoSOC at around 11.00 am.
FSOC would be most delighted to have them all back again working in the Old Cemetery.
On behalf of FoSOC …...’Many thanks to you all’!