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Unusual Deaths Part 3

Sunday 29th July 2018

The saying; Only mad dogs and the Englishman go out in the mid-day sun- how about heavy unstoppable rain!
Today FoSOC guide Lizzie O’Sullivan took a group of sixteen members of the public on a tour of the Old Cemetery called; ‘Unusual Deaths Part 3’. Starting at the graves of two young boys called James Hunt and William Smith who were swimming in Mudeford along with six other boys who, unfortunately, all drown except one boy, Lizzie also included Samuel Mansell (carriage on headstone), who died in a train accident and finally concluding at George Martin a builder who jumped off Northern Bridge.
Lizzie walk was very detailed and she spoke with a lot of enthusiasm and respect for all those she talked about and this was noted by all those on this walk. At the end of her walk, Lizzie was given a well-deserved applause by the group who were very generous with their donations.
Many thanks to Lizzie and to those who stayed and braved the heavy rain.

There is an extra Unusual Walk Part 3 next Sunday 5th August @ 11. 00 am for those who missed this one because of the weather.