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Saturday 21st July 2018

Today there was a ‘FIRE’ in the Old Cemetery which started about 1. 30 pm, 12 firemen, 3 appliances, 1 large Bowser and 1 Land Rover with a water tank were there to put it out. Luckily the Old Cemetery is well used by the public whom many had phoned the Fire Brigade, otherwise this could have been a lot worse.
However, this ‘Fire’ there is a lot more damaged area then previous fires in the Cemetery.
An ‘Accident waiting to happen’, due to the over grown areas of long grass, bramble and nettles all of which has become increasingly dry due to the hot weather and no strimming.
The ‘Fire’ was surface only, if this had gone underground it would have taken a lot longer to put out as it was it took the firemen nearly 2 hours.
Many thanks to the Fire Brigade team for their help and to Bruce Larner for the photos

FOOTNOTE: Fire Bridge has since been called out twice more, once last evening and later on Sunday afternoon of the 22nd July -smoke seen in the damaged area.
Once again our thanks goes to the quick response from the Fire men.