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Wildflower & Butterfly Walk - Sunday 8th July

Thursday 12th July 2018

On what was to be the HOTTEST day of the year, so far! John Vetterlein took twenty members of both the public and members of FoSOC, on his very successful fifth Wildflower & Butterfly walk of 2018.
Even though the grass was high and very overgrown, John still found the location of many fauna and flora though in the HOT weather the butterflies were darting about in the sun, as the group were doing the same but more to find some shade.
Nevertheless, did manage to capture the following; ….…. Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars on Ragwort, Agrimony (yellow flower), cool shade of the Weeping Beech, John with Bottle-brush Buckeye, Field Bindweed, Creeping Thistle, John with Silver-pendent Lime which has a lovely sweet-smelling flower, the beautiful Indian Bean Tree in full bloom, Copulating Small Skippers on Knapweed, Six spotted Burnet Moth and finally on the way home Red Admirals on ivy brushes.
The walk finished early too HOT to continue but many thanks to John and the group who stayed on braving the weather. Next walk 12th August.