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Heritage and 172nd Anniversary Walk

Monday 7th May 2018

Today is the 172nd anniversary of the ‘Opening of the Old Southampton Victorian Cemetery’- 7th May 1846.

To celebrate this event yesterday (6th May) in what was possibly one of the ‘HOTTEST’ days/walks so far in the Old Cemetery, this walk was led by both Geoff Watts (one of the founder members of FoSOC) and Val Ferguson, they showed around thirty members of the public plus a few FoSOC members.

The walk included, just a few of the following graves/headstones, Signs/Symbols on three graves within the Jewish section, General Rosas, Argentine Dictator, Catholic section, Janie Terrero (Suffragette), Anglican section and the granddaughter -in-law of Rosas, the Boer War Memorial, Non-Conformist and some of the Commonwealth War Graves, which there are 125 and are scattered over twenty-seven areas of the Old Cemetery, plus many, many more graves.

Finally, finishing at the Anglican Chapel, Cross of Sacrifice and Perkins family graves.
Many thanks to all who stayed till the end and gave a generous donation to FoSOC.
Hope to see you all again at the next walk ‘The Artists’ on 3rd June @ 2.00 pm.
Photos taken on behalf of FoSOC by Lizzie O'Sullivan