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Southampton University Officers Training Corps

Saturday 11th November 2017

What a Great Day we all had on Friday 10th November!
Twenty-one ‘Officers’ from the Southampton University Officers Training Corps.,(SUOTC) came to the Old Cemetery just to clean and tidy up the Commonwealth War Graves (CWG) ready for Remembrance Sunday Ceremony.
They did not just clean nearly all of the 125 CWGs but also the Cross of Sacrifice, the Main gate, signs, notice boards and managed to remove a lot of fallen leaves.
Also, there to lend a helping hand(s) were a few members from FoSOC, Julia Wetherall, Jackie Chandler, Peter Shawyer, Surender Sharma, Steuart Thompson plus a little help from Val and Billy Ferguson (plus Barney) who were just recovering from hacking coughs.

Great Job…. Well Done Everyone!