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Task Day - 7th October 2017

Saturday 7th October 2017

Once again we were without Billy and Val Ferguson for a taskday, but the nine taskers present still managed to have a productive session of tidying up in the cemetery. Fortunately, the day remained dry although the cool conditions made the tea-break even more eagerly anticipated than usual. Work was focussed on the Yew Tree Pathway, where many of the trees have become invaded by bramble or other species of tree such as hawthorn and elder, and the taskers chopped and lopped to remove many of these invasive 'guests'. Similar work was carried out on the lawn's Yews in preparation for Remembrance next month, and that area and its surroundings were also mown and tidied-up generally.
Thanks to everyone for the day's efforts, and we look forward to the next task day on 4th November.