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Southampton Heritage Open Day - Saturday 9th September only

Sunday 10th September 2017

Yesterday FoSOC was pleased to have a stall in St Joseph’s Hall Bugle Street for the annual Southampton Heritage Fayre weekend. The day before Billy and, Val (Ferguson) and Surender Sharma helped Marian Hubble (Chair of SHF) arrange the tables and chairs for the event and FoSOC was able to then set up the stall ready for the following day. However, this was the day the heavens opened up and it just rained and rained, all of them got rather wet, bringing in the archives for the table!! The following day the weather started off great warm and sunny when the event started from 10 am. Fortunately for FoSOC, the stall was on a rota and manned by Val, Billy, Peter Shawyer, Jackie Chandler, Betty Jones, Surender Sharma and Adrian Smith, With extra helpers on the refreshments, Yvonne Blatchford, Chris Starkey, Margarita Waller-Gutierrez and Alison Pearce…many thanks to you all, great work and very much appreciated. As you can see from the photos a steady flow of people come to the hall and saw a variety of different stalls from many groups from the Southampton area. St Joseph Church had a beautiful selection of flowers within the church, amazing colours and in St Michaels square more stalls and music. However, it did rain again, in the afternoon but this did not dampen the spirits of the public or the stall holders who all carried on until 4.00 pm – home before the football crowd come out – Saints played at home!