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John Vetterlein's Wildlife & Butterfly Walk - 21st May

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

John Vetterlein's third 'Flower & Butterfly' walk of the year brought fine weather and an attendance of 17 visitors [1], including Phil Budd who enriched the walk once again with additional expertise. To avoid clashing with FoSOC's 'Commonwealth War Graves' walk, we started our route going south-west, past the Anglican Chapel and then turning back towards the Main Carriageway before turning north. However, we then reverted to last month's form of 'central meandering' before returning down the Yew Tree Path towards the entrance. As we approach peak flowering season, the spectacle of blooms and butterflies continues to grow. For the flora, this month's list includes some species noted earlier in the year, but also brings in a range of new species in flower. Once again, only some have been selected for photographic inclusion [number in picture sequence]: Daisy, Bulbous Buttercup, Mouse-eared Hawkweed [2], Garlic Mustard, Rhododendron, Round-leaved Cranesbill, Herb-Robert, Meadow Buttercup [3], Wood Avens / Herb Bennett [4], Germander Speedwell, Dove's-foot Cranesbill, Red Clover, Rough Hawksbit, Oxeye Daisy, Wild Strawberry (in both flower and fruit) [5], Pignut, Columbine (a domesticated variety), Black Bryony, Ribwort Plantain [6], Sorrel, Cow Parsley, Hogweed (just coming into flower), Bittersweet [7], Elder [8], Crosswort, Wild Raspberry, Cleavers, Guelder Rose [9], Bugle [10], Horse Chestnut, Heath Speedwell [11], Common Vetch, Sheep's Sorrell [12], Hairy Tare, Black Medick, Red Horse Chestnut (a hybrid between the Horse Chestnut and Red Buck-eye) [13], Mossy Saxifrage [14], Bloody Cranesbill and Hedgerow Cranesbill. During the walk several butterflies had also made an appearance, including Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, a too-distant-to-identify white (perhaps a Brimstone?) and a Common Blue. Our thanks to John once again for his informative and entertaining walk, to everyone who attended and of course to those who generously bought merchandise and made donations to the cause.