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Titanic Walk -15th April

Sunday 16th April 2017

This year's only 'Titanic' walk, held on the 105th anniversary of the sinking of the ship, was led by Val Ferguson and attracted some 27-people including around half-a-dozen FoSOC members. The afternoon was cool but sunny, making for a pleasant as well as informative occasion. After a brief summary of the ship's crew and passenger numbers, Val outlined the scale of the disaster in terms of both the numbers lost and the impact to Southampton, before leading everybody around the Old Cemetery to show them 28 graves of people associated in various capacities with the ship and her loss. At each stop we were informed of the story behind the grave, be it one of sacrifice, the efforts made to relieve the hardships of those who had lost a family member, or of a more passing association with the ship. These tales, often supplemented by pictures passed around, added up to a more intimate acquaintance with the Titanic and her tragic loss, and this was appreciated by all present. Thanks, are due to Val, who rounded off the day by giving an interview to an attending film crew from Georgia (in the former USSR), so keep an eye on YouTube for the result!