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Titanic Weekend

Friday 10th April 2020

From the 15th April it will be the 108th anniversary of the loss of RMS Titanic that began its maiden voyage from Southampton on 10 April, struck an iceberg late on the evening of 14 April and was gone from sight by 2.20am on 15 April.
Southampton people have many personal connections with the tragedy. A plaque at Canute Chamber, Canute Road (the Former White Star Line offices), unveiled in 2002 by Millvina Dean – the last of the survivors to die – records that 549 from Southampton were lost.
FoSOC commemorates personal stories with guided walks in the Old Cemetery. We keep records of all locations there with a Titanic connection. Additions are still being made as graves continue to be discovered relating to people who survived the loss of the ship.
In past years we have been involved with the restoration of the graves of Henry Bowyer, who was Mayor of Southampton in 1912 and very much involved with the setting up of the Titanic Relief Fund, and Miss Maude Newman who dedicated 28 years of her life (from 1912 to her death in 1940), as Lady Visitor to the families from Southampton, who received money from the Relief Fund