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Task Day

Saturday 1st February 2020

Today was the first ‘Task Day of the month of February’ and it was (for a change) one of the sunniest and warm days for a very long time, especially after all the down pour of rain we been having.
Eighteen very eager ‘taskers’ tuned up and straight away headed for the same area as before where they mostly removed the ivy and bramble from the headstones, making the area ready for the spring flowers, though we say spring they might be appearing earlier than expected. Within the Old Cemetery already there are daffodils, primroses and crocuses coming out in bloom these usually do not appear until March through to April.
A couple of the ‘boys’ attacked the mud on the pathway from the Hill Lane entrance, this area has over time become rather muddy especially due to all the rain we have been having in the past months or so. In time FoSOC hope to be able to improve these pathways but this is a rather big and long job for the group of taskers to do.
Once again well done everyone! If you are still feeling even more enthusiastic to tackle even more ivy/ bramble and mud, then come along next Tuesday 4th from 10.00 am. FoSOC will always be pleased to see you.