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Saturday 5th January, 10.00am
Friday 11th January, 7.00pm
Saturday 2nd February, 10.00am
Saturday 2nd March, 10.00am
Sunday 3rd March, 2.00pm
Thursday 7th March, 10.00am
Tuesday 12th March, 10.00am
Saturday 6th April, 10.00am
Sunday 7th April, 2.00pm
Thursday 11th April, 10.00am
Sunday 14th April, 2.00pm
Tuesday 16th April, 10.00am
Saturday 4th May, 10.00am
Sunday 5th May, 2.00pm
Thursday 9th May, 10.00am
Tuesday 14th May, 10.00am
Saturday 18th May, 10.00am
Saturday 1st June, 10.00am
Sunday 2nd June, 2.00pm
Thursday 6th June, 10.00am
Tuesday 11th June, 10.00am
Sunday 30th June, 2.00pm
Sunday 7th July, 2.00pm
Thursday 11th July, 10.00am
Saturday 13th July, 10.00am
Tuesday 16th July, 10.00am
Sunday 21st July, 11.00am
Thursday 1st August, 2.00pm
Saturday 3rd August, 10.00am
Sunday 4th August, 2.00pm
Thursday 8th August, 10.00am
Tuesday 13th August, 10.00am
Sunday 1st September, 2.00pm
Saturday 7th September, 10.00am
Thursday 12th September, 10.00am
Saturday 14th September, 9.00am
Tuesday 17th September, 10.00am
Saturday 5th October, 10.00am
Thursday 10th October, 10.00am
Tuesday 15th October, 10.00am
Sunday 27th October, 2.00pm
Saturday 2nd November, 10.00am
Thursday 7th November, 10.00am
Sunday 10th November, 2.15pm
Tuesday 12th November, 10.00am
Saturday 7th December, 10.00am
Thursday 12th December, 10.00am
Tuesday 17th December, 10.00am

As well as the public events listed here, we are able to arrange, for an appropriate donation, private walks and talks for individuals and groups. Please contact us for details.

We organise many guided walks and other activities throughout the year. Click on an event to make an enquiry or book a place. We ask that you book a place on a walk if you would like to attend - you can also phone 07538 888 655 from Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm to do this.

During Spring, Summer and Autumn there will be at least one heritage event and one wildlife event each month. In addition our conservation work continues throughout the year.

All our walks are Southampton City Council approved and start just inside the main gates at the end of Cemetery Road where parking is available.

The walks and events are all free but any donations would be much appreciated to help further our work in the Old Cemetery. Photographs with consent are also taken during these and purely used for FoSOC publicity purposes.

In addition there are often other events organised for the winter months.