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Biography of 'Professor James Stevens Curl'

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Professor Curl is the author of numerous scholarly books and papers, including The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and is working on the Third Edition of this work at the moment; The Victorian Celebration of Death; Spas, Wells, & Pleasure-Gardens of London; Georgian Architecture in the British Isles 1714-1830; Victorian Architecture: Diversity & Invention; Freemasonry & the Enlightenment: Architecture, Symbols, & Influences; and many other works. His Funerary Monuments and Memorials in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh will be published this year, which ought to be of interest to our members.

In September 2017, Professor Curl received the prestigious honour of The President’s Medal at the British Academy Awards and Medals Ceremony, for his contribution to the study of the History of Architecture in Britain and Ireland.