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FoSOC was founded in 2003 by John Avery, Veronica Tippetts and Geoff Watts and has two major aims:.

Unusual Death Pt 2 note date change
Sunday 25th June, 11.00am

Task Day- Members only
Saturday 15th July, 10.00am

Wildlife & Butterfly
Sunday 16th July, 2.00pm

John Vetterlein's Wildlife & Butterfly Walk 18th June
On a scorching day with some 17 people and 2 dogs in attendance, John Vetterlein [1, with... Read more...

Task Day
It was a ‘beautiful hot sunny day’ and the ‘Taskers’ were eager to start, lucky... Read more...

FoSOC conservation work in the Cemetery.
Read more about the wildlife and the conservation work, plus view the wildlife photo gallery.
Looking for a grave?
Visit this page if you are trying to find a specific grave in Southampton Old Cemetery.